Dear readers and friends:

That’s who you are indeed. Many readers and authors of our magazine are really good friends—if not in everyday life, then at least in social networks. Thanks to information technology, our world is getting smaller and more often synchronicities are manifested in it. As a translator and editor of the magazine, carefully reading every submitted material, I have long been not surprised by these “coincidences” of topics and approaches. They testify that we are all on the same wavelength and in the same field. It’s is especially interesting that when new authors come to the magazine, they fit perfectly into this field of synchronicities.

In this issue, we say goodbye to our very dear author—and welcome new ones. Life goes on. And this issue receives several profound materials on the theme of Death and Rebirth. Synchronicity? Perhaps. And it so happens that it’s exactly about synchronicity that one regular author and one new one write in this issue. You can easily find more examples going through the pages. And this is wonderful, because, as one of the authors says, “the real message of synchronicity is synchronicity itself, the fact of seeing that it exists, simply because it is an unshakeable proof that we are connected to the Whole and that our thoughts act on the Universe.” Let us maintain this connection and develop this action by exchanging ideas, stories, and practices on the pages of our beloved Tarot Chronicles, etc. magazine!

Yours truly,

Andriy Kostenko, Editor

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Giovanni Pelosini. An Epistemological Approach to the Tarot – p.4
Marc Meurisse. Synchronicities: Jung’s Definition, Historical Aspects, the Law of Attraction, and Links with the Practice of Tarot – p.6
Andriy Kostenko. The Hieroglyphic Egyptian Tarot by Madame Dulora de La Haye – p.12
In memory of Eric K. Lerner – p.17
Gabriela Sverdlick. Tarot: Labyrinth or Puzzle? – p.20
Veronika Nikitenko. Arcanum XII: What if I Am Not a Victim but a Path? – p.24
Mario Fuhrer. The Alchemy of Cocktails – p.30
Olga Voloshina. The Exit from the Matrix: an Extraordinary Experience of Everyday Things – p.34
Henadzi Bialiauski. A Feminine Practice in the Masculine World – p.36
Marianne Costa and Ana Groch. Tarot and Tango: a Secret Brotherhood – p.38
Alyona Solodilova and Snezhana Korneva. The Fool’s Tarot: A Psychological Transformation Game – p.42
Kristina Sindalovskaya. Naked King, or Fool’s Clothes – p.48
Mila Smirnova. Hermit: Loneliness in Self-Sufficiency and the Flip Side of the Coin – p.52
Alexander Guly. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Sound from the Depths of the Worlds – p.54
Eva Maria Cabrera. How Do the Tarot Arcana Breathe? – p.60
Alexey Lobanov. Chemistry and Life – p.64
Renata Taño. Petit Lenormand: The Story-Telling Oracle – p.66
Tânia Durão. Getting to know the Lenormand symbols in Brazil – p.70
Odete Lopes Mazza. The Coffin from “Le Petit Lenormand” – p.72
Franco Rossi. Arcanum XIII of the Tarot de Marseille – p.75

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