The Legend of this issue is our outstanding contemporary, the man who made the Tarot world as we know it today—Stuart R. Kaplan, founder of the U. S. Games Systems, creator of the titanic Encyclopedia of Tarot.
In February of this year, Stuart R. Kaplan completed his earthly journey. We dedicate this issue to his memory and publish the priceless memories of his family, colleagues, students, and associates.
We express our gratitude to Giordano Berti for his delicate and difficult work in preparing the memories of Stuart R. Kaplan’s children about their father and for help in the creation of other materials.
Stuart R. Kaplan left, but his family and his company remain. His contribution to the Tarot is invaluable! And we hope that his heirs and disciples will continue his work. We are anticipating the publication of the fifth volume of the Encyclopedia (and, if necessary, we will provide all possible assistance).
As usual, our magazine pays tribute to the history of the Tarot. Giordano Berti explores the Kabbalistic Tarot of Papus, and his colleague Luigi Scapini investigates the “Mandala” of the Tarot of Papus. Editor and translator Andriy Kostenko presents the first known published English text on the occult Tarot, and in the Russian version of the magazine, the readers will see the first Russian translation of this article. We are certain that this material will be of interest to many.
Not only the past but also the future occupies the minds of tarologists. On the pages of this issue of the magazine, Giovanni Pelosini proclaims the Manifesto of Humanist Tarology.
Tatiana Milovidova reflects on the “reverse genesis” of the Major Arcana, and Eric K. Lerner, co-writing with Bozana Antich, in an article on Aleister Crowley’s birth chart, presents what may be considered a brand new system of divination. We will study it!
From this issue of the magazine, as always, you will learn about new decks, new layouts, and, of course, about a new detective Tarot investigation by Alexander Guly.
I wish you interesting reading!

Natalia Plakhina
Moscow, Russia

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Jennifer Kaplan. Stuart R. Kaplan, father of the modern Tarot lovers
Stuart R. Kaplan. Ode to Tarot
Giordano Berti, Andrea Vitali, Luigi Scapini, Ciro Marchetti,  Ricardo Salas Soler, Eric K. Lerner, Anasita Karmelitski, Giovanni Pelosini, Andriy Kostenko. Remembering Stuart R. Kaplan
Giovanni Pelosini. Manifesto of Humanistic Tarology
Giordano Berti. The Cabalistic Tarot of Papus. 1909 – 2019.
Luigi Scapini. A Mandala of Papus on Tarot
Thomas Henry Burgoyne. The Taro
Gabriela Sverdlick. The Tarot, Expressive Catarsis of our memory
Tatiana Milovidova. Reverse Genesis of the Major Arcana
Eric K. Lerner and Bozana Antic. The Nativity Chart of Aleister Crowley: Interpreted through the Thoth Tarot, astrology and the Tree of Life
Alexander Guly. Mary Celeste: a “ghost ship”
Irina Matyulkova. Archetype of the Fool. The Fool Arcanum in the Psychological Portrait Method of Alla Alicja Chrzanowska
Evgeniy Farafonov. Wandering the Night Sea. Crisis in the Mirror of the Major Arcana of the Tarot
Evdokia Nesterova. Short spreads: the Unseen Treasure
Aalna Lemberg. The Moon & cynocephali
Malek Chaoufi Canoura. The Mystical Madness Tarot
Kristina Sindalovskaya. Tarot as a Way of Life
Elsa Khapatnyukovskaya and Evgeny Vinitsky. Returning to Tarot of Marseilles Introducing the Marseilles Tarot of the   New Incarnation
Alla Ambar. Dreams and Tarot
Elena Sibiryakova. The Last Transition. From Judgment to the World
Donatella Doria. The NATs
Franco Rossi. Joel Aleixo: Brazilian healer, alchemist and tarologist
Franco Rossi. Les taches d’encre, or The Inkblots
Nina Frolova and Victoria Verik. More patience with the Tarot and Lenormand Cards

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